New product automates attribute editing.

UCLID Software announced today that it has released a new extension for ESRI ArcGIS. Swipe it! provides fast data entry of attributes, especially when the source document is a scanned image. Swipe It! uses UCLID's patented technology as an alternative to tedious data entry.

"I'm excited to introduce Swipe It! to the marketplace," says Joe Hanousek, VP of Sales and Marketing for UCLID Software. "Its very affordable, easy to use and it really saves time for our users." ArcGIS users can request a free trial version of the software at

Swipe It! provides automated data entry for users with scanned documents. In the time it takes to highlight text on a scan, that text is added to the attribute table. Beta testers found that Swipe It! cuts data entry time almost in half. As more organizations work with scanned images, Swipe It! helps them use the scans to populate attribute tables. Utility drawings, legal descriptions and well data are just a few examples of the types of documents that can be used with Swipe It!

And because Swipe It! reads text at any angle, it can also work with attributes found on maps. Swipe It! is an extension to ArcMap and works with ESRI ArcView, ArcEditor and ArcInfo.