Joint presentation is titled 'Radius Topology - gold standard data from a Local Government perspective'

Laser-Scan and the London Borough of Enfield (LBE) are preparing to deliver a joint presentation titled 'Radius Topology - gold standard data from a Local Government perspective' at the third UK Oracle User Group Spatial Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting.

LBE, along with all UK local government organisations, maintains Basic Land Property Unit (BLPU) data as directed by the NLPG initiative. Mick Wooden, Chief Information Officer at LBE, will explain how their BLPU data was originally captured against Ordnance Survey's large scale Land-Line data.

The move from Land-Line data to the restructured and more accurate OS MasterMap data has resulted in many mis-matches between the BLPU's and the underlying OS MasterMap data. Mick Wooden and Laser-Scan's Seb Lessware will describe how they solved these problems using Oracle9i and Radius Topology; Radius Topology automatically corrected the inconsistencies as the data was entered into the Oracle database.

This project is instrumental in LBE's plans to prepare for e-government targets in 2005. By using Radius Topology in conjunction with Oracle9i LBE can rely on consistent, interoperable, enterprise-wide data.

The UK Oracle User Group Spatial SIG meeting will take place on 18th March 2003 at Oracle's City Office in London, UK. For more information about the event please visit

For more information about how LBE is using Radius Topology please visit