In 1983, Ronald Reagan was President, Sally Ride was the first U.S. woman astronaut in space as a crewmember aboard the space shuttle Challenger, and Ocean Spray introduced the very first “juice box” in America.

It was also the year Greg Clary founded Clary & Associates Inc., professional surveyors and mappers. The company is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. “We are looking forward to continued growth and success as we celebrate 20 years of service and commitment,” said Greg Clary, President and Founder. “As we recognize this remarkable achievement, I want to thank our clients for their support and business as well as our staff for their service and dedication to the company.”

Technology innovations highlighted many significant events in 1983. In addition to the start of Clary & Associates, the use of TCP/IP led to the birth of the modern Internet, the FCC allowed Motorola to begin testing cellular phone service, camcorders were introduced and compact disks hit the market. As that technology has grown and developed, so has Clary & Associates.

Clary started the company in 1983 by opening an office on Beach Boulevard in Jacksonville with seven employees. Today forty employees work at the company’s corporate headquarters, a 6,500 square foot office building on Crown Point Road in Mandarin. Clary & Associates, Inc. is the industry leader for professional surveying and mapping services throughout Florida and the Southeast. The company provides Subdivision Surveying & Platting, GPS Surveys, Transportation Design & Right of Way Surveys, Topographical Surveys, Condominium Surveys, Subsurface Utility Designation and Vacuum Excavation, and Geographic Information System (GIS) Services.

Clary & Associates specializes in large, multi-phase subdivisions and commercial real estate surveying, including condominiums, apartment complexes, lodging facilities, shopping centers, malls, business parks, and industrial sites. Clary & Associates also has extensive experience providing transportation surveys to meet FDOT and associated governmental standards and requirements.

As Clary & Associates celebrates its 20th Anniversary in 2003, Founder Greg Clary attributes the firm’s continued growth and success to its high standard of excellence. The firm serves a wide spectrum of first-class clients, including the most prestigious businesses and governmental organizations in the country.