Sokkia Corporation Released G2 Version 1.20

Sokkia CorporationreleasedG2 version 1.20, the newest release of its G2 Graphic Field Assistant data collection software for Windows CE devices. Improvements include new restructured menus to more closely follow the traditional SDR menu structure and follow a logical, intuitive workflow; the addition of pull-down menus in the MAP screen; selectable Geoid files allowing users to load multiple files and apply appropriate files to individual jobs; enhanced SDR file format output; the addition of Sokkia’s new GSR2600 GPS receiver, as well as other manufacturers’ new products; a new 10-point Least Squares Resection routine; and color layer support in the MAP screen for color screen devices. G2 now also supports the Panasonic Toughbook 01 and the Juniper Systems Allegro. (Sokkia, Olathe, Kan.)