Trimble Introduced the BD950

Trimbleintroduced the BD950, a real-time kinematic (RTK) compact GPS card for high-precision guidance and control applications. Featuring extremely low power and a small form factor, the BD950 receiver is designed to allow OEMs and system integrators to easily add centimeter-level positioning to specialized or custom hardware solutions. With very low power consumption, the BD950 uses less than 1.5 watts of power. The card’s extremely low power requirement results in longer battery life, less heat generation, increased component life and a more portable end-user product. The BD950 delivers positions to guidance or control loop software with a latency of less than 20 milliseconds. The card is designed to plug right into an application with minimal development. The BD950 can also be configured by a Windows-based Configuration Toolbox and/or the MS Controller software included with the receiver starter kit. Multiple configurations can be stored as files and activated when needed. (Trimble, Sunnyvale, Calif.)