Geomatica 9 FreeView is now available for download via the company's website.

Geomatica 9 FreeView, the latest no-cost spatial data viewing environment from PCI Geomatics, is now available for download via the company's website ( Modeled on PCI Geomatics' advanced "all-in-one" geospatial solution, this free software allows users to view, layer, and evaluate raster and vector spatial data effortlessly. Geomatica 9 FreeView's multiple format, multiple resolution, and multiple projection environment supports over 100 spatial data formats, including ASTER, QuickBird, IKONOS, SPOT, EROS, and JPEG 2000 images, plus SHP, DXF, and dozens of other vector formats.

"Geomatica 9 FreeView is a remarkable tool for visually realizing remotely sensed imagery and geospatial data," states Dr. Robert Moses, President and CEO of PCI Geomatics. "With the same viewing environment of our Geomatica 9 flagship solution, we are giving away something with practical user value. This is a no-cost tool for loading, viewing, layering, and studying raster and vector data, and we invite the geospatial world to take advantage of it."

Geomatica 9 FreeView is modeled on PCI Geomatics' Geomatica 9 software solution. Remote sensing, GIS capabilities, map production, hyperspectral tools, and an exclusive new hyperspectral data compression technology top the list of improvements and additions for the new Geomatica 9, released earlier this year. A completely integrated solution, Geomatica 9 provides superior geomatics capabilities and productivity enhancing features within a seamless environment for remote sensing, GIS, photogrammetry, and cartographic processing.

PCI Geomatics supports the free distribution of FreeView technology. Geomatica 9 FreeView can be downloaded directly from the PCI Geomatics website ( at no charge. Users can also contact PCI Geomatics and request a Geomatica 9 FreeView CD-ROM.

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Source: PCI Geomatics, Oct. 22, 2003