Eliminates projection, datum and file format hassles for ArcGIS users step-by-step manual makes you instantly productive.

Maptech's Terrain Navigator Pro now includes a free ArcGIS Extension that eliminates file format problems. ArcGIS 8.3 users can now use Maptech's raster cartography directly - without going through the process of exporting, importing, or reprojecting the maps. Maptech provides over 350,000 easy to use topographic maps, orthophotos, nautical charts, aeronautical charts and elevation models for ArcGIS.

Maptech supplies the most consistently detailed base maps available for the United States that are more accurate and detailed than the standard ESRI Maps and Data" CDs that are included with ArcGIS.

For the first time, ArcGIS users can read Maptech's national elevation data set directly in ArcGIS. You can import raster elevation models in ArcMAP, as well as create TINs, contours, SHP files and 3D models in ArcScene and 3D-Analyst.

A free Maptech "Getting Started Guide for ArcGIS" is available with step-by-step instructions on how to use the Maptech topographic maps and orthophotos in ArcGIS programs download at see http://www.info.maptech.com/arcgis.

Some of the major benefits of the Terrain Navigator Pro/ArcGIS Extension are noted below, but a picture is worth a thousand words. To see specific examples of how Maptech's topographic maps and orthophotos work in ArcGIS see http://www.info.maptech.com/arcgis.

Terrain Navigator Pro/ArcGIS Extension lets you:

  • View and print detailed topo maps, orthophotos or nautical charts seamlessly.
  • Overlay vector data provided on
  • ESRI Data & Maps CDs on top of Maptech's more detailed raster topos, charts or orthophotos
  • Merge an orthophoto and a raster topo or chart to provide a completely new and unique background to your project.
  • Merge a raster topo or orthophoto with a digital elevation model to better understand the terrain around your project.
  • Use Maptech elevation models to render your project from any angle and create 3D fly-through.
  • A FREE Getting Started Guide shows you how to do all the above in a step-by-step format.

Download it at http://www.info.maptech.com/arcgis.

Source: Maptech, Oct. 21, 2003