Software by D'Zign announced this week that they are developing surveying applications for the new hp49g+ calculator. The HP48 series from Hewlett-Packard is no longer being manufactured, and dealers are already reporting shortage of those calculators in stock.

Hewlett-Packard specifically designed the hp 49g+ as a tool for professional surveyors, engineers, mathematicians and students who need a powerful but portable calculator.

The first application pac being marketed by D'Zign is the hp49g+ Engineering & Surveying Student Pac which contains all of the programming originally included in the popular HP41 Surveying Pac. It also covers all the Coordinate Geometry that is taught in the required course all engineering, surveying (geomatics) and architectural students must take as part of their studies.

The Student Pac includes triangle solutions, circular, vertical and spiral curve solutions, volumes (average end-area and pit volumes), all normal intersection programming, plus curve-to-line and curve-to curve and vertical intersection solutions. Besides traverse, inverse and sideshots, the COGO programming includes pre-determined areas and rotation/transformation.

A full range of input types is available in all of the menu-driven programs, as is a flexible file system for creating, modifying or purging coordinate files.

A Surveying Pac, designed for the professional or field surveyor, adds layout programs, leveling programs and additional field programming. It contains all of the same material currently in D'Zign's HP48GX Surveying Pac Plus.

A third application, scheduled for release mid-December, the Transportation Pac, adds alignment-offset programs and civil applications to the above, including all of the programming currently in D'Zign's Transportation Pac Plus.

Because the hp49g+ uses a SD card in its expansion port, and can print to existing I/R printers, these new applications can be priced much lower than those for the HP48 series.

Source: Software by D’Zign, Oct. 7, 2003