IONIC Software announces its support of Oracle 10g in its RedSpider product line. IONIC's customers will be among the first to enjoy the enhanced functionalities provided by Oracle 10g Spatial through IONIC's full line of OpenGIS geo-spatial web services. This will continue IONIC's long standing leadership in offering the world's most scalable and full featured OpenGIS geo-spatial web services solution for Oracle Spatial.

As a long standing Oracle Technology Partner and Oracle 10g Beta Tester, IONIC was early in its testing and support of Oracle 10g on its RedSpider product line. Testing focused on portability and seamless upgrade from Oracle9i to Oracle 10g for RedSpider products owners.

Oracle Database 10g is the first database designed for Enterprise Grid Computing. Oracle Database 10 g geospatial features runs faster and will enhance the productivity of IONIC's customers.

In the near future, IONIC plans to:

  • Use the new Planar Topology model for OpenGIS/ISO Geography Markup Language (GML /ISO19107) topology transfer
  • Enhance IONIC routing modules with the Network Management API
  • Support the raster management within Oracle 10g Spatial by the IONIC RedSpider Web Map Server engine

In upcoming months, IONIC plans to incorporate these powerful new Oracle 10g Spatial features to enable Oracle users to leverage their infrastructure to build amazing interoperable geospatial applications. These improvements will enhance IONIC's RedSpider product line, in particular its OpenGIS Web Feature Service GML server.

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Source: Ionic Software, Oct. 28, 2003