Offers tighter Autodesk Map 5 integration with Oracle9i database and new polygon object for easier data creation, access and management.

Autodesk Inc., the world’s leading design software and digital content company, announced the availability of the new Autodesk Map 5 Polygon and Advanced Extension for Oracle9i Database in an effort to help organizations better use and manage spatial data to meet their business objectives. The new extension is targeted at engineers, planners, utility managers, and mapping professionals who produce spatial data saved in an Oracle9i database for projects including mapping subdivisions, road networks, physical infrastructure, or any design project requiring a visual representation of spatial data.

The new extension provides a direct link between Autodesk Map 5 software, with its powerful data creation and editing capabilities, and the spatial technology capabilities available with Oracle9i Database. The extension provides a true Geographical Information Systems polygon object, which permits translation of data between Autodesk Map and other GIS applications, including Autodesk MapGuide software.

New Features of Autodesk Map 5 that increase user efficiency and flexibility include Full Oracle9i database support which enables users to take full advantage of key new functions in Oracle9i Database including R-tree indexing and index partitioning. Flexible, feature-based Oracle schema which offers an alternative data model enabling features to be defined in an Oracle schema and DWG data to be written into feature tables. Record-based locking, which manages concurrent access to data by multiple users. Enhanced and expanded new custom polygon object full support for Oracle polygon geometry which delivers direct geometry mapping and round-tripping fidelity between Autodesk Map and Oracle geometries. Integrated polygon object support which enables use of polygon objects including Autodesk MapGuide objects and round-tripping fidelity with Oracle geometries.