In an ideal world everyone would know everything. Or, at best, everyone would have access to everything. Well, I suppose that ideal has almost been reached with the invention of the Internet. But, you still have to find all the information, and with the amount of data in the cyber world these days, it’s easy to get information overload.

There will probably never come a day when a “surfer” will reach the end of the Internet. So, may I suggest you go to POB Online for information pertinent to your job. I know I do. When I need contact information for the executive director of a state society, I go to the Industry Links section. When I need to know the latest news, I click on Industry News.

Advertiser information, recommended books, government opportunities—it’s all there. Wondering if there are any good events or seminars coming to your town? Click on the Calendar of Events. Had a piece of equipment stolen? Place your ad on the Stolen Equipment section of Classifieds. It’s free and well-traveled. Need a good laugh or want to test your mathematical genius? Go to the Fun & Games page each week. Need statistics on salaries, lifestyles, field vehicles, insurance, or software and equipment? You’ll get all you need from our Exclusive Industry Research studies.

A popular link at POB Online is the Subscription Info link. Subscribers continue to use our easy form for subscriptions. Here you can sign on for a magazine, edit parts of your subscription account or renew your current subscription in just seconds. No postage, no paper, no problem.

POB Online is an ideal place for all your industry needs.

A Really Ideal World

So now that I’ve provided you with my answer to your professional needs, let’s talk about mine (no moaning, please).

In my really ideal world I would visit all of you in your respective areas; receive regular communication about your undertakings—your advancements, successes and even your failures. I would better understand what makes you tick, how you complete projects, what things you avoid and how your decisions are made.

But, alas, the trips are not planned, the phone does not ring and the mailbox doesn’t overflow as much as I’d wish. We’re all busy getting our work done, I know. But I still wonder about all of the things I’ve mentioned and I wonder how I can help you and the profession.

So let me say that I am here to help, to get the word out to others about your projects, the things you’ve seen, the people you’ve met, the ways you’ve overcome obstacles and reigned in your endeavors. I want to know what you’re curious about, what will help you succeed in business, what you seek to attain. And I’ll bet others want to hear it, too.

In fact, I recently received a letter from a reader who wants to see more stories that would help the average surveyor on a day-to-day basis. I had one response: me too. Any projects—even if they are regular old surveys—can help the POB reader. So, my invitation goes out to you folk. Send me your stories. Wouldn’t it be cool to see your name in our magazine?

Let’s help each other. Let’s help the profession.