Thales Navigation’s ProMark2 Offers Kinematic Capabilities

Thales Navigation’s ProMark2 now offers kinematic capabilities. With data collection 100 times faster than static GPS systems, one-person operation and no line-of-sight requirement between points, ProMark2 features post-processed, centimeter-level survey capabilities and stand-alone, real-time, 3-5 meter reconnaissance and navigation. The navigation mode assists surveyors in performing two important tasks: jobsite location and point reconnaissance. The built-in map database allows users to see their position relative to highways, waterways and railways, while displaying bearing, heading, distance, speed and more. In the survey mode using the new Ashtech ProAntenna and Ashtech Solutions GPS post-processing software (L1), the ProMark2 survey system accurately establishes coordinates for new or existing points. (Thales Navigation, Santa Clara, Calif.)