Caliper Corporation has announced the release of Maptitude for Great Britain, a new addition to its growing GIS product suite. Maptitude brings a high-end, out-of-the-box GIS solution to the UK, at low cost and without a steep learning curve. In addition, Maptitude comes with extensive UK data, such as points of interest, Postcode boundaries and points, land-use, demographics, and London streets, as well as providing a Postcode locator tool and enhanced Ordnance Survey NTF support.

Maptitude, the new GIS choice for UK Business, Government, and Education
Maptitude is known for its ease of learning, ease of use, quick performance, clear documentation, extensive functionality, and excellent value. In addition, Maptitude comes with three detailed datasets of Great Britain that provide a massive amount of easy-to-use national information, suitable for any location based application or task. This also includes Postcode geographies and one of the most detailed London databases available.

Maptitude for Great Britain is shipped as a single package for £400 ($595) and comes with capabilities that are not supported by desktop mapping products costing three to ten times this amount, as the data alone would otherwise be many times the price of Maptitude for Great Britain. Whether you need exceptionally detailed information on London, or comprehensive mapping for any region of the country, or just overview maps to plan or run your business better, Maptitude provides the perfect solution.

Use Maptitude to:

  • Analyse customer locations
  • Find-the-nearest
  • Research markets
  • Plan and review sales territories
  • Enhance customer management
  • Improve business organization

Key Features of Maptitude for Great Britain:

  • The most competitively priced total solution for Great Britain
  • Ready-to-use geographic and demographic data
  • The highest quality data suitable for any application requirement and budget
  • Clear and easy to understand
  • A Postcode locator tool and Postcode Points, Sectors, Districts and Areas
  • Full documentation and on-line help
  • A Map Library that allows you to get up and running quickly
  • Enhanced Ordnance Survey NTF support
  • A table chooser allowing you to utilise a wealth of statistical/demographic data for varying levels of administrative/postal geography
  • A comprehensive national database including administrative boundaries, roads, and points of interest, and many other layers
  • A full London database including streets, points of interest, and many other layers
  • Worldwide data, and detailed datasets of the USA

Maptitude is used by government and businesses of all sizes worldwide to analyse geographical patterns and trends in order to make better-informed decisions and to enhance the services provided to customers.

Maptitude offers advanced geographic analysis tools that allow thematic mapping (dot-density, colour-coded, scaled-symbol), and maps with integrated pie and bar charts. The MapWizard automatic mapping technology lets you create thematic maps with a single mouse click, and you can customize your maps with interactive editing and drawing tools. In addition you can create stunning 3-D or prism maps to better convey the information in your spatial data, and utilise database functionality such as complex joins and formulaic queries. Maptitude will help you easily define administrative districts, create distance buffers, generate best routes, or identify and evaluate potential facility sites.

By integrating the supplied map layers and demographics with your own data, you can further analyze the spatial organisation of your company and see where to focus future efforts. Support for the variety of data formats including those of the major vendors (ESRI, Ordnance Survey NTF, MapInfo, and Integraph) makes this easy, allowing you to smoothly integrate external data or migrate from existing systems.