Gardner Engineering Introduces the Rodrest for Survey Rods

Rodrest is a lightweight, self-retracting "kickstand" for a survey rod used to hold a surveying rod upright rather than laying the rod down, jamming it in to the ground or resting it against a shoulder, truck, tree or building. The device attaches to a survey rod with one thumbscrew and is activated by simply pushing the knurled handle down a few inches. The legs self-retract once the rod is lifted.

GPS and robotic total station technology permits one man to complete many tasks previously completed by a two or three man crew. GPS and robotic total station equipment requires "lock" to be maintained with an antenna or prism. In order to maintain "lock" the rod must be held in an upright position by some means. Rodrest has proven to be a simple hands-free solution for positioning a survey rod upright to maintain lock or simpy resting the rod upright when using a standard total station for construction staking.

Rodrest data summary

  • Surveyor-developed and tested
  • Lightweight-Only 1.3 pounds
  • Designed for use with 1 1/4" and 1" diameter rods
  • Durable-Machined aluminum won't rust or fatigue
  • Easy to use-Single-handed manipulation of Self-retracting legs
  • Install or remove with a single thumb screw
  • Rod at rest incline angle - 20 degree zenith
  • U.S. Patent pending