How Loyal Are You to Brands and Dealers?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing surveying equipment. In most cases, it’s a big investment. For this poll, we isolated two big factors that come into play when purchasing equipment — the brand of the instrument/equipment and the dealer who is selling it.

Seventy-nine (79) percent of the respondents to this poll felt that the brand/manufacturer was indeed an important consideration when purchasing a new instrument. Only 6 percent felt that it was not important, while 15 percent felt it was important sometimes.

A majority of respondents (88 percent) felt that the dealer a piece of equipment was purchased from was important as well, while only 10 percent felt that it was not important at all.

So we established that these two concerns are important to you, which may seem obvious, but we can’t assume these things. When we asked if you would consider all brands when purchasing new equipment, most of you (50 percent) said no, but you would consider several brands. The second most popular response, receiving 29 percent of the vote, was no (I wouldn’t consider all brands) I would only consider one or two. Nineteen percent of voters said yes, they would consider all brands.

The two most popular ways people end up buying from a particular dealer were they had always used them or they found them through research and shopping around, both responses receiving 31 percent of the vote. After these two, surveyors end up at certain dealers through word of mouth (15 percent) or by other means, which (17 percent) listed. Raymond C. Smith, Jr., a land surveyor from New York said “I like to talk with the sales reps. If they know the equipment and share its limitations as well as its benefits, and they are willing to help, I consider them. I like to look into the eyes of the person I am dealing with. A handshake is important in any deal.”

Fifty-eight percent of respondents replied that they would buy the brand of equipment they have now, a nice answer for manufacturers to hear. Even nicer for them: 0 voters responded that they would absolutely not purchase the brand of equipment they have now. Forty-two percent said maybe they’d purchase the same brand of equipment again.

Unfortunately, the news for dealers wasn’t so good. Rather, it was mixed. A whopping 69 percent of surveyors have had an experience with a dealer that would cause them not to buy from them again. A better figure is the 85 percent of respondents who said they had had an experience with a dealer that would cause them to buy from them again.

When asked which was more important—brand or dealer—when it came to purchasing new equipment, most respondents could not choose one or the other. Seventy-three (73) percent of respondents said that both were equally important. Nineteen percent said brand was more important and 8 percent cited dealer as more important.

The most important consideration when buying new equipment to most surveyors (54 percent) is compatibility with products they already own. This is followed by features, which received 23 percent of the vote and price which received 10 percent. Other important considerations were cited by 12.5 percent of respondents.

Eighty-one percent of the respondents to this poll were land surveyors. Four percent were engineers and eight percent were both.