ERDAS IMAGINE V 8.6 Coming Soon

ERDAS IMAGINE V8.6, featuring an extensive list of notable enhancements including a Spectral Analysis tool for hyperspectral image processing, ESRI Geodatabase support, and significant improvements to the IMAGINE Geospatial Light Table (GLT) interface, will ship during Quarter Three (October- December) 2002.

Among the list of improvements, the geographic imaging software suite from Leica Geosystems offers area frame sampling tools to improve accuracy and decrease cost in the production of large-area land cover estimation and vertical datum support for datasets with height elements. Also with the improved ERDAS IMAGINE release comes upgrades to existing add-on modules, including: IMAGINE Vector 8.6, IMAGINE NITF 2.1, IMAGINE VirtualGIS 8.6, IMAGINE OrthoBASE 8.6, and IMAGINE OrthoBASE Pro 8.6. Furthermore, the newest ERDAS IMAGINE will include enhancements previously released to ERDAS’ Software Subscription Service (SSS) customers.

Key Features
The ERDAS IMAGINE Spectral Analysis tool allows users to quickly and simply extract information from hyperspectral imagery by introducing the concepts, data structures, and image processing functionalities of imaging spectrometry to ERDAS IMAGINE. The tool implements several hyperspectral-specific algorithms through a simple graphical user interface to produce maps of materials of interest. ERDAS IMAGINE Spectral Analysis tool is available with ERDAS Professional, the most advanced image processing level in the ERDAS IMAGINE suite.

ERDAS IMAGINE 8.6 interacts with ESRI's ArcObjects environment so customers can make use of the latest ArcGIS software and data formats, such as the Geodatabase. ERDAS IMAGINE provides ArcGIS users advanced image processing and remote sensing capabilities that interact with ESRI's data formats. By adding a new Vector DLL to its existing Vector Format DLLs and implementing its use through the ArcObjects Geodatabase Object Model, ERDAS IMAGINE 8.6 provides support for several vector feature sources.

IMAGINE GLT is now standard with ERDAS IMAGINE 8.6, and is available with all ERDAS IMAGINE levels (IMAGINE Essentials, IMAGINE Advantage and IMAGINE Professional). IMAGINE GLT is a self-contained data-viewing environment able to display multiple linked geospatial views within a GUI that immediately presents all the commonly used exploitation tools without using multiple menu choices. Its core interface combines all the best features of the IMAGINE viewer with the exploitation tools usually found in an ELT, and adds ERDAS IMAGINE’s geospatial capabilities. Users now have the choice of using IMAGINE GLT as an alternative to the classic IMAGINE viewer. Customers who need to rapidly exploit imagery for their projects will benefit from the improved IMAGINE GLT interface.

ERDAS IMAGINE 8.6 brings users the most up-to-date, practical capabilities needed in the industry today. Significant enhancements include:

  • Frame sampling tools
  • Class Grouping tool
  • Vertical Datum support
  • Extended importers, exporters and raster DLLs
  • Model Animation tool in the IMAGINE VirtualGIS 8.6 module
  • Multi-resolution terrain geometry and morphing with IMAGINE VirtualGIS