Stick around for coverage from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania!

It's here! The POBRoad Show for Rendezvous '02! This year's event, the sixth annual, is being held in Gettysburg, Pa., and is sponsored by the Surveyors Historical Society, the Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors, the Maryland Society of Surveyors, the Mason-Dixon Line Preservation Partnership, the West Virginia Association of Land Surveyors and the New Jersey Society of Professional Land Surveyors. This year's event promises to be insightful and fun! Come join us online!

Join POB's editors on their adventures at Rendezvous '02, where nearly 350 surveyors from around the country and other parts of the world will celebrate the work of surveyors/geodesists Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon in the mid-1700s.

We'll bring you coverage of talks by internationally-acclaimed authors and share news of the book-signing extravaganza. We'll tell you about the costumes from the colonial period donned by attendees. We'll share snipits and pictures from the Antiques Road Show, an event unto itself where leading experts will identify and appraise ancient surveying equipment.

The big event, though, will be the installation of a full-size replica of the Mason-Dixon Crownstone on October 19th. The 1765 original piece has been missing from its place in northwest Carroll County, Md., since 1990. In a farm field on the Mason-Dixon Line, attendees will participate in the placement of the stone with modern surveying accuracy amidst an historical reenactment.

Stick around! We'll fill you in on the good times of Rendezvous '02 from the exhibit hall, the banquet and the field!

The POB Road Show--it's just like being there!