Crownstone 75 to be reinstalled by surveyors and guests.

Today's Agenda

We're up this morning to enjoy what promises to be an enjoyable breakfast with Milton Denny and author Edwin Danson (see our interview with him in our October feature).

Following that, we'll take in insightful presentations on the Mason-Dixon line and stroll through the last day of the exhibit hall. We'll be back later to tell you all about it. Mason-Dixon book authors will also continue their book signings from yesterday. I overheard some excited recipients of the signatures say they'd better get to reading their books now!

The big event today, though, is of course the reinstallation of Crownstone 75, which was found missing from its original spot in 1990. It's sure to be a great day; stick around for more news!

Update: 9:30 a.m.

Breakfast was just as I expected; there was good food and good company. Milton and Ed discussed the differences and similarities between the U.S. surveying system and that of England’s. I still haven’t decided if there’s more differences or more similarities.

The exhibit hall was pretty much cleared out after the continental breakfast. Everybody had headed off to the Mason and Dixon presentations. A Leica Geosystems salesperson said traffic was quite plentiful at the Leica booth this morning during the breakfast. I guess surveyors are drawn to doughnuts and measuring equipment!

It looks quite dreary and gray outside. It even rained a little, causing some disappointment for the perfect day for the stone setting. We all hope it clears up by 2 p.m. If not, I hope the farm owner whose property we’ll be trompsing on will lend me some waders!