Hardware, software, implementation consulting, training and ongoing relationship deliver the district just what it needs to succeed.

The Missouri Department of Transportation, Southeast District announced that it has partnered with Eagle Point for its implementation of RTK GPS technology and consulting services. By working with Eagle Point, the Southeast District is able to fulfill its GPS technology needs with the leading comprehensive solutions provider for GPS hardware, software, implementation services, training, and ongoing support.

MoDOT invited numerous GPS technology distributors to demonstrate their ability to fulfill their needs. Eagle Point's Business Consultant, Jeff Krueger and Technical Consultants, Butch Herter and Drew Leino worked extensively with numerous representatives from MoDOT to fully understand their technology goals and current processes prior to delivering a proposal to MoDOT.

"From a technical standpoint, it was clear that Eagle Point was a partner that could meet our GPS technology needs, but they provide us much more than just world-class technology," said Loran Chick, MoDOT Registered Highway Liaison Surveyor. "Eagle Point was the provider that could deliver the ongoing communication and value in terms of meeting our future goals. Their ability to work with us on our future strategic plans and on effectively streamlining our processes is an important asset to MoDOT."

MoDOT is currently investigating the potential for establishing a permanent GPS stationary base unit system. If implemented, the system will optimize strategic GPS coverage areas through the installation of permanently fixed base station GPS receivers. To utilize any fixed base station, a rover unit will simply establish connection to a server through cellular technology. This system will then allow surveyors to begin jobs without the need to acquire and set up an additional base unit prior to initiating the survey.

"What is most exciting about our continuing relationship with MoDOT is how it has been able to grow, especially over the last year or so," said Eagle Point's Krueger. "By developing the kind of strategic relationship we now enjoy, we've been able to develop an in-depth understanding of their organization and processes. This understanding, combined with our experiences with the thousands of other organizations we work with, allows us to deliver just the technology and services that truly make a difference in their success."

Soruce: Eagle Point, Oct. 30, 2003