Applanix, Richmond, Ontario, Canada, released POSPac 4.1, the latest update to its industry-leading post-processing software. Designed to maximize the quality of data generated using the company's airborne and land-based Position and Orientation Systems, this latest release comprises a number of additions and enhanced features aimed at streamlining data processing operations and increasing data accuracy.

With the new release the user is now able to control the output data (units, coordinate type etc.), with the introduction of a conversion option that automatically translates post-processed position data into a user-specified coordinate system, such as State Plane, UTM, etc., efficiently reducing the time necessary to complete the project.

Users will find additional benefits include the ability to output data into GIS-compatible formats, such as ASCII and DXF, eliminating the need for further conversion steps, and simplifying data transfer for geographic information systems users.

Key additions include a new batch processing application designed to manage multiple mission setup and processing functions. Composite data sets generated from a number of projects can be processed simultaneously in an auto-run mode, freeing the data processing technician to focus on other tasks. Because no user intervention is required, multiple projects can even be set up and processed overnight. A graphical user interface now controls the actions and sequence of events, monitors all processing stages, and provides a processing status report for each independent project.

For users of the optional POSEO Exterior Orientation module, additional advantages can be found in the new POSCal Data Explorer, which allows quality control and calibration data to be viewed in graphical format using a series of new analysis tools and features. Also available with the POSEO software is a large selection of mapping coordinate systems, datum and ellipsoids, plus the tools to create custom coordinate systems and add them to the existing supported list.

POSPac version 4 customers with a current software support plan will be upgraded to POSPac 4.1 free of charge. For customers using earlier versions of POSPac, or whose software support agreement has expired, please contact your Applanix Sales or Customer Support representative for upgrade information.

Source: Applanix Corporation, Dec. 2, 2003