Oce Releases New TCS400

Oce introduced a market first ¿ the Oce TCS400 ¿ the only fully integrated large format color print, copy and scan system. This multifunction system gives companies using CAD, GIS, and other software applications a fast, easy, and hassle-free way to handle large format color and black and white technical document output. The Oce TCS400 system delivers additional innovations such as replacing the need for multiple systems to do different jobs, processing very large color files three times faster, and producing twice the number of monochrome prints per hour over other thermal inkjet printers. Users benefit from easier job processing, tighter workflow control and, for the first time, the ability to manage print queues directly from their desktops ¿ freeing users to focus on their core job responsibilities instead of waiting for prints.

The Oce TCS400 print, copy and scan system targets the growing demand for color in the technical document market. Today¿s AEC, government, print-for-pay, GIS and other organizations have had to settle for color CAD inkjet technology that loosely ties multiple printing, scanning and copying components together. The Oce TCS400 changes all that.

¿Today¿s users don¿t want a patchwork approach to document management. They don¿t want to wait a long time for files to process or documents to print. Speed is a critical market advantage when you¿re working under demanding deadlines, and improving productivity is imperative. What customers want is a single, tightly integrated system with robust color printing, scanning, and copying capability that is easy to work with and easy to live with. The Oce TCS400 meets these needs head on,¿ said Joyce Virnich, Vice President of Marketing for the Oce-USA, Inc. Wide Format Printing Systems business unit.

Productivity = Print Speed + Controller Power
With the Oce TCS400, users get more prints more easily. While mechanical print speed is important, the power of the controller to process files is even more critical in determining the number of drawings printed per hour. The true power of the Oce TCS400 is in the processing. The Oce TCS400 uses the latest generation of the Oce Power Logic¿ Controller to bring faster file processing and significant productivity gains over the leading alternatives.

No Waiting Between Prints Means More Prints Faster ¿ Even for Large Color Files
The Oce Power Logic Controller spools print jobs off the network, processes those jobs, and stores them until the printer is available. This ¿control box¿ approach replaces the need to tie up the network or send files to separate servers for storage. This greatly reduces the waiting time between prints. With the memory, speed and processing power of the controller, job processing is streamlined and simplified, saving users time. Multiple files of varying sizes can be received, processed and printed concurrently so that one file can be printing while the controller receives and processes the next. Today¿s color CAD document files are also getting larger. It¿s not uncommon for such files to be over 100MB. Network loads for large color files tie up the network and negatively impact other traffic. Processing time is especially important to firms like Gremley & Biedermann, a Chicago-based surveying company, which generates large format color CAD output and GIS applications (embedded photos, renderings and maps). ¿We cannot wait for prints when our business depends on getting high quality plots from large files. Prior to the Oce TCS400, it used to take more than 12 minutes to process a 182 MB file. Now we can do it in just one-third the time,¿ said Bob Tremblay, CAD Manager, Gremley & Biedermann, Inc.

Faster Processing, Greater Visibility, More Control
Oce¿s exclusive Oce Power Logic Controller technology not only facilitates job processing, but also simplifies workflow control. Users control the queue directly from the Oce Advanced Queue Manager at their desktops, so that priority jobs can be readily reprioritized and printed on demand. Processed files remain in the history queue so that reprints can be made without having to reschedule or resubmit jobs. Ink volume, media and controller workload can also be viewed at a glance either from the Oce System Control Panel or from a user¿s personal computer with the included Oce Remote Logic software.

Productive Color Color Printing as Easy as Black and White
While most current CAD systems design in color, more than 50 percent of documents are ultimately printed in monochrome because higher color volume requirements have been restricted by sluggish color print technology. The Oce TCS400 large format system is designed to handle both black-and-white and color printing with equal ease. Now firms needing sharp, crisp color plotting to convey high precision maps, line drawings and photographic images key to decision-making can print originals in desired volumes. At the same time, if users desire monochrome prints, the Oce TCS400 can accommodate this need with over twice the output speed of the leading market contenders.

One-Touch Copying and Scanning
In addition to printing, the Oce TCS400 also provides the ability to scan and copy large format documents in both color and monochrome. While large format color scanners have been a traditional mainstay of CAD workflow, users have had to scan the original to convert it to a TIFF/PDF image prior to printing ¿ a multi-step and tedious process. The Oce TCS400 provides one-touch color copying optimized for CAD applications.

For Gremley & Biedermann, walk-up copying has been the biggest change since the installation of the Oce TCS400. ¿We used to have to manually draw in lines and cross-hatching with highlight markers on a black and white plot to duplicate a color original of a map or survey. Now, we just need to insert the original document, push a button and generate a color copy in a single step,¿ Tremblay said.

Oce Image Logic technology is the key to Oce¿s simple ¿Green Button¿ functionality. It guarantees line sharpness, text readability and background quality. No skilled operator or color knowledge is required to operate the intuitive, easy-to-use Oce TCS400 scanner panel when making a high resolution color copy, thereby letting professionals return to more important tasks.

Extremely Easy Ease of Use Makes Users More Productive
While productive color is important, user productivity is equally key. The Oce TCS400 offers several unique features that make the system extremely user-friendly while boosting on-the-job productivity.

  • Simple, multi-roll media handling ¿ different media types and sizes can be ready for printing and insertion through an intuitive and easy roll feed. The system offers both one and two integrated media rolls ¿ a first in the color CAD market. One-touch roll changing and the ability to change media while printing make the system hassle-free. The system also has a very short paper path that reduces the chance of a paper jam.
  • Ink cartridge changes on the fly ¿ the Oce TCS400 uses four large ink cartridges that feed 10 print heads through a closed tubing system. These inkjet cartridges can be reloaded while printing, and an intermediate ink reservoir system makes it virtually impossible to run out of ink in the middle of a print job ¿ meaning no lost jobs. This innovative ink system means production can continue unattended with no loss of print quality.
  • Plot submission options ¿ A wide variety of Oce drivers and plot submission tools makes it easy to print from the Oce TCS400 using just a Web browser if desired. Users can also submit jobs directly to the system without needing to open files, as well as compile multiple printable files into a single job submission.

    Reliable Investment
    ¿We¿ve not only been selling, but using Oce equipment as a reprographer for more than four years. The multi-function Oce TCS400 system is exactly what the market has been waiting for. It¿s fast, efficient and robust ¿ built like an Oce ¿ and is a very safe and reliable investment. When a business like ours or one of our customers invests in the Oce TCS400, it¿s important to get full value from the system. We¿ve now got a highly viable alternative that can scale up to our volume requirements, provide measurable productivity gains, and give us the peace of mind we need to meet all our large format color printing, copying and scanning needs into the future,¿ said Dean Santamaria, Director of Operations, Charleston Blueprint.