Applanix POS MV Product Line Enhanced With Trueheave Technology

Applanixannounced that its POS MV product linehas been enhanced by the introduction ofTrueHeave technology. This improved filtering tool provides the hydrographer with a more accurate heave estimate even in the most challenging survey conditions. This results in a significant reduction in heave artifacts in survey data and eliminates the need to tune the heave filter to produce optimal results. In addition, TrueHeave reduces filter settling time as compared to a traditional heave filter, almost completely eliminating the need for line run-ins. This means a savings of several minutes per survey line and translates into a savings of hours or even days worth of labor and vessel costs. TrueHeave is available as an option on all new POS MV systems, and is also available as an upgrade to existing units. (Applanix, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada)