Blue Marble Geographics Released New Version Geographic Calculator

Blue Marble Geographicsreleased a new version of the Geographic Calculator. This new version introduces support for custom local coordinate systems using a polynomial Best-Fit method that links a local system to a geodetic coordinate system. Accuracy can be checked by using the new Display Registration Errors dialog, displayed via an SVG error graph viewer. A convenient view window dialog for vector file display has also been added. Vertical datum transformations can now be calculated using the GEOID99 model and support for the Australian Height Datum has been added using the AusGEOID98. Other important updates include enhanced copy and paste functionality for Point Database conversions, support for the Michigan Georef Coordinate System, EckertIV and EckertVI world projections, batch processing for Map File conversions and the generation of a .prj file in the Map File Conversion tab with any Shapefile output. (Blue Marble Geographics, Gardiner, Maine)