MicroSurvey Software Inc. offered a new FieldGenius ValuePack

MicroSurvey Software Inc.offered a new FieldGenius ValuePackthat includes a heavy-duty, ruggedized PDA protector (with lifetime guarantee), a 128 Mb Compact Flash storage card loaded with FieldGenius XG 2.0 and a DB9 cable that works with standard total station cables. MicroSurvey recommends that surveyors run the ValuePack’s FieldGenius XG 2.0 program on the new HP 2215 Pocket PC. The HP 2215 comes with a field-replaceable Li-ion battery, 400 MHz XScale, 64 Mb of internal memory and a color screen. Users can take shots, stake points, edit coordinates or stake a line with a single tap that takes them directly to the function they want. FieldGenius’ advanced Autodesk Land Desktop Support makes it possible to export field data to an FBK file and import directly into LDD. Surveyors can upgrade from FieldGenius XG 2.0 Basic version with the GPS (RTK support) module, PRO (DTM, stakeout and alignment) or robotic instrument control. (MicroSurvey, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada)