Crain Enterprises Inc., (, an innovative producer of accessories for the surveying and construction industries, announces the launch of its redesigned and updated website on July 14, 2003. The goal of the redesign is to provide information about the company and its products.

Crain focused much of their efforts in the “Discover Crain” area of the site, which is an entirely new section. “Discover Crain” expands on Crain’s focus, and includes sections on our History, Team, Design, Innovation, Manufacturing, and Community initiatives. The structure of this “tour of Crain” was done specifically for users with varying levels of interest in the various sections. There are abbreviated descriptions of our focus in each strategic area. Then if the user is interested in gathering more information, there are links that take the user to pages with more in-depth information regarding that specific strategy. Many of the sections include case studies and examples of how Crain consistently delivers real innovation to the surveying and construction market.

Our customers now have our product information at their fingertips. Along with our product description and images, part numbers and schematics are also available. Most product categories also have sections for “Additional Product Information”. Downloadable brochures will also be available.

Now it is easy to monitor what’s going on at Crain! Check out the “News and Events” link for upcoming trade shows, and view summaries of recent events that Crain has attended.