GeoMedia technology provides collaborative, multi-user access across the enterprise.

Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions announced worldwide shipping of GeoMedia Transaction Manager 5.0. The product is a long term transaction, versioning, and temporal data management software solution that provides a true enterprise approach to managing spatial information for the GeoMedia Professional and Oracle9i environment. Using GeoMedia Transaction Manager, professionals in the fields of mapping, IT, and GIS can manage the life cycle of data changes while the integrity and validity of valuable enterprise geospatial information is safeguarded.

GeoMedia Transaction Manager is designed for organizations that have multiple users within a department or across departments who simultaneously build and maintain geospatial data. GeoMedia Transaction Manager is also ideally suited for any organization that needs temporal data management, quality assurance, and control in data maintenance and data history management. Unlike conventional database management systems that handle short-duration transactions satisfactorily but are insufficient for long term transactions that require concurrency control and locking, GeoMedia Transaction Manager provides robust long term transaction management throughout the life of a project or asset in a secure multi-user environment.

Key features of GeoMedia Transaction Manager effectively manage long term transactions and temporal data for organizations such as land information management, utilities management, mapping, and transportation agencies that build and maintain data models within or across departments. GeoMedia Transaction Manager capabilities include just-in-time locking; change management; project collaboration; and temporal data capture, query, and visualization.