Intar 4500 prism with Internal Targeting System on sale now

The Intar 4500 from Intar Systems, a new prism with an Internal Targeting System is available now. The first two hundred Intar 4500s sold will go out the door for $159.99! After the first 200 they will be going for $195.00. That’s a $40.00 dollar value.

About the prism:
Patented Design: The back of the IntarSystem prism glass is broadly faceted on two sides and quadruple coated. First, the faceted surfaces are coated with polyurethane of high visibility colors to produce the patented Internal Target. Next, a high quality silver backing is applied to produce a mirror finish. Then a coating of oxygen free copper is applied to seal and preserve the silver. Finally, the entire back is sealed with a black polyurethane process to protect all coatings and ensure a 100 percent condensation free instrument. This process creates the only internally targeted prism design on the market today.

The IntarSystem Advantage:
This revolutionary design assures you of accurate readings whenever the target is tilted up or down or even viewed from the side. How is this possible? The centers of both the internal and external targets align on the same pivot point (over the prism pole). We call this location the Nodal Point. Only when both targets are centered over the Nodal Point, can you be assured of accurate measurements. Extensive testing has proven that only when a target is located over the Nodal Point can you be certain the sighting point will always remain stationary, thus allowing no discrepancy when tilted on a zenith or azimuth angle.

Set Your Sights on Precision Accuracy:
The IntarSystem is exceptionally accurate in rugged terrain. When the target prism is pole mounted, with no tilt-action applied, the internal target can be viewed from a Total Station on a 30º zenith with no distoration of accuracy. Whenever zenith angles exceed 30º, adjustment of the calibrated bracket/external target allows 50º up and down variance.

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