SOKKIA Releases IMap V3.1

Sokkia released IMap V3.1,a package that features post-processing capabilities and streamlined authorization procedures. Product demonstration samples and a desktop emulator are also available with this upgrade. IMap V3.1 is offered in a variety of packages,totaling five different kits designed to fit the needs of the GIS user.

It also provides GIS-users with the ability to use the software for post-processing uses. The system can now process raw data, using a Spectrum Survey post-processing software package. The IMap Post-Processing Kit (607-1-0006)includes IMap V3.1 handheld and desktop versions and the latest version of Spectrum Survey on CD-ROM. To shorten the learning curve on this product, an easy-to-follow workflow addendum is included.

IMap is a part of the advanced products developed by POINT, Inc. for Sokkia. The product is available through Sokkia’s worldwide distribution channel.