Innovative technology offers first interactive, customizable, low cost GIS interface for towns, municipalities and engineering firms.

Municipalities, towns, governments, engineering firms and other organizations that want to share CAD and GIS information files now have a new, feature-rich tool available that redefines the concept of "user friendly". Full Circle Technologies of Boston, MA announces the introduction of VectorEyes(patent pending), a powerful, easy-to-use, fully customizable, interactive, GIS viewing program that requires no installation or technical expertise to set up.

The tiny program takes up virtually no space on a server and requires no applet plug-in, yet provides full featured, interactive, real time capabilities that expand the possibilities of how GIS information can be shared.

Supporting data files produced from GIS software such as ESRI ArcView, ArcIMS and AutoCAD, VectorEyes acts as a companion product that provides direct access to GIS maps and information through common web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

Unfortunately, GIS is a complex environment. The software to view these files is complicated and not intuitive. Managers found it hard to allocate their Information System specialists and resources to set up these programs, develop and write specialized applets and commit to maintaining such a system. This was especially true of smaller towns that do not operate their own server.

Using Copyrighted and Patent Pending technology, VectorEyes eliminates expensive set-up, maintenance and training costs. The Java based program, along with the data files is simply copied into a folder on the server being utilized and is ready to go. There is no need for the user to download any additional software to view the information. It is all done from the familiarity of their favorite Internet browser.

The community of Brookline, Massachusetts recently launched a VectorEyes project whereby residents are able to visit the town's website and view maps showing streets, school districts, parcels, open spaces, buildings, parks, bus stops and other detailed information. In addition they can dynamically interact and provide feedback directly to the town officials.

Besides being simple to use and inexpensive, one of VectorEyes major advantages is that the program utilizes a unique combination of shapefiles and vector files delivering capabilities never before available in a GIS viewer. It allows real time viewing of data, on-line or off line, because the program is 100% self-contained and it eliminates the need for the viewer's computer to constantly re-access the server to refresh and update data.

Simple movements of the mouse allow the viewer to zoom in and out instantaneously and quickly. Since there are no "levels" viewers can scroll and stop at any level desired unlike other viewers that zoom in and out step-by-step.

The power, customizability and ease of use of this versatile program provides a new tool for towns, municipalities, county governments, state agencies, engineering firms, consultants or other entities that have a need to share their GIS files with either the public or between divisions. It eliminates the costs associated with residents having to come into town hall and be stepped through the process of using the town computer.