SceneVision-3D turns scanned data into 3D sketchbook.

3rdTech announced new software for the display and analysis of crime or accident scene data captured with the DeltaSphere-3000 3D Scene Digitizer. The new software package, SceneVision-3D, provides organization, display, measurement, and annotation of images and 3D data for use in investigation, analysis and courtroom presentation.

The DeltaSphere-3000 3D Scene Digitizer produces millions of 3D measurements and dozens of associated color images at a crime scene – a formidable amount of data to view and analyze. "SceneVision-3D is designed to put the data in the hands of the people who need it – crime scene investigators, criminalists, forensic scientists, law enforcement officers, attorneys – anyone who needs access to the visual record of a crime scene," said Nick England, President of 3rdTech. "After speaking with hundreds of people who acquire and analyze crime scene data, we’ve created a tool that uses the latest technology and some new computer graphics techniques to solve many of their problems."

Using SceneVision-3D, users can:

  • Measure the distance between any two points in the scene; define the measurements of any object in the scene.
  • Navigate in 3D and view the scene from any perspective.
  • Draw 3D sight lines or bullet trajectories
  • Associate close-up photos with specific, accurate 3D locations
  • Attach labels and notations to “hot spots” in an image or in the 3D model
  • Create accurate scene sketches, from the measured data, quickly and easily.

SceneVision-3D will be shown for the first time at the International Association for Identification’s 88th International Educational Conference. The product will be available for users of the DeltaSphere-3000 in September, 2003. For additional information about the DeltaSphere-3000, see