Multiple new features improve file transfers, data manipulation and graphic display.

Tripod Data Systems (TDS) released version 3.1 of its popular ForeSight DXM(TM) (Data eXchange Manager), the program that allows surveyors to bridge the data management gap between field data collection and computer-aided design (CAD) software. ForeSight DXM allows easy data transfer from Survey Pro(TM) software to a laptop or PC to display survey data graphically. It also aids in management of project files, checks data for accuracy and completeness, lets you make simple edits and prepares data for field survey or CAD development.

ForeSight DXM version 3.1:

  • can be used to edit TDS data files without linking to a project
  • allows more support for HP48 and DOS-based data collector users
  • improves Cut Sheet reports
  • processes and produces polylines from Raw Data Linework Codes
  • features a new, fully functional Coordinate Systems Editor and Geodetic Calculator

"We took a long, hard look at ForeSight DXM and asked ourselves and our customers if there was any way to improve upon it," said Eric Hall, TDS product marketing manager. "Version 3.1 is the answer. For instance, we've improved raw file editing by making it possible to edit TDS data files without linking to a project. This provides a quick and easy method of checking your data and allows you to quickly check daily downloads for accuracy and completeness."

Hall added that greater Cr5/Rw5 native support in ForeSight DXM version 3.1 means that linked Cr5 files gain the benefit of their settings, such as distance units, being "remembered by their project. This releases the user from the burden of repeated queries for Cr5 file settings. With a better level of support for HP48 and DOS-based data collection, these files no longer need to be imported into the project. Instead, they can be opened, edited and saved without requiring any conversion process." Polylines and alignments may also now be used when working with Cr5 files.

Cut Sheet reports are critical to many customers, Hall explained. ForeSight DXM version 3.1 calculates these with a robust algorithm while providing more user control over how values are calculated and reported. These new reports work in a more flexible manner and allow the user to decide what to display in the report.

For those using linework codes stored in raw data, ForeSight DXM version 3.1 now generates linework within the program so it can be checked and edited prior to exporting to the customer's CAD software.

Another new feature relates to how geodetic controls and tools are utilized. A new, fully functional Coordinate Systems Editor is now provided to edit and customize user CSD Sites and Zones. This allows customers to create custom zones, geoids, datums and ellipsoids for use in Survey Pro and ForeSight DXM version 3.1. Current CSD files may also be edited and saved, and custom zones can be deleted from the CSD file.

The new Geodetic Calculator provides geodetic transformations on individual locations, ASCII data files and document objects, while the Adjust with Projection feature permits geodetic adjustments on a project or job file.

Pricing and availability ForeSight DXM version 3.1 is available now from TDS-authorized dealers. It is currently listed at $399. Current ForeSight DXM owners can download the new version from (registration required). For a free demo of ForeSight DXM version 3.1, visit the TDS Web site or call TDS sales at 541-753-9322.