2003/2008 data updates and new client-requested features enhance geocoding application.

ESRI Business Information Solutions (ESRI BIS), a division of ESRI, announced the 2003 release of ESRI BIS Coder 4.1, its standard geocoder software product. This customer profiling and data appending software quickly and easily assigns detailed information and location data to customer records to show the who, what, where, and how of current and potential customers. With ESRI BIS Coder, users can use saved project files more efficiently and run project files in batches.

"Based on client feedback, we have made ESRI BIS Coder more powerful and flexible to meet our clients' needs," said David Huffman, managing director, ESRI BIS. "ESRI BIS Coder has become a core component of our technology solutions, and the combination of our 2003/2008 data, ACORN segmentation, and software solution makes ESRI BIS Coder 4.1 the best geocoder available today."

In addition to geocoding address records allowing them to be plotted on a map ESRI BIS Coder performs valuable analyses of customer records, producing both demographic analysis and ACORN segmentation profiles. ESRI BIS Coder is flexible, allowing for numerous data add-ons such as 2003/2008 updated demographic variables, census variables, and ACORN segmentation data for more comprehensive customer profiling and other marketing applications.

New features and functionality in ESRI BIS Coder 4.1 include

  • One-off geocoding lookup.
  • Enhanced batch geocoding.
  • Save projects-Files can be saved for geocoding or data appending projects.
  • Batch projects-Users now have the ability to process multiple projects as one process.

New file output types-ESRI shapefile and Microsoft Access and MS SQL may be used in addition to the existing Excel, Lotus, dBASE, and more. For more information about ESRI BIS Coder 4.1, please visit ESRI BIS on the Web at www.esribis.com or call ESRI BIS at 800-292-2224/East or 800-394-3690/West.