NovaLIS Technologies – a leading provider of integrated land records management solutions – announces the release of Parcel Editor 8 for ESRI’s ArcMap 8.3 platform.

“NovaLIS is dedicated to providing solutions for ESRI’s latest ArcGIS software releases, as well as supporting customers that continue to use ArcInfo,” says NovaLIS Director of Products Dwayne Scallion-Pond.

“It’s about giving Parcel Editor users the widest range of options to choose the platform that best meets their needs or budget.”

NovaLIS Technologies’ Parcel Editor, an ESRI ArcMap extension, is an out-of-the-box parcel mapping and addressing solution that enables users at any technical level to create and maintain accurate parcel data with ArcGIS. Parcel Editor facilitates migration to the ESRI ArcGIS environment by providing organizations that maintain digital maps with an easy-to-use parcel mapping solution. Combined with the Topology Engine in ArcGIS, Parcel Editor provides a robust environment for mapping professionals to build a multi-purpose cadastral database.

“Parcel Editor provides the best combination of core functionality, customized tools, and workflow capabilities to meet the diverse requirements of current and future ArcMap users,” says NovaLIS Parcel Editor Product Specialist, Matt Archibald.

“It provides the parcel and address maintenance tools that form a solid platform for the remainder of our product family: Assessment Office, Land Development Office, and Land Titles Office. Parcel Editor is the foundation for an integrated land records management system.”

GIS professionals in more than 100 sites, across North America and in the Caribbean, currently use Parcel Editor to help maintain and update their cadastral data.

To download a free 30-day trial version or Parcel Editor call 1-866-353-1800 or visit our website: