Real-time tracking of field crews and assets empowers enterprises to respond to current pressures and unplanned events.

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions' IntelliWhere division announced the release of IntelliWhere TrackForce, a server-based platform used for Mobile Resource Management (MRM) to track and manage the location of field crews and mobile assets in real time. Designed to help enterprises improve safety, security, efficiency and accountability for operations with mobile resources, IntelliWhere TrackForce combines location information with advanced spatial processing to give users sophisticated functionality beyond simply tracking field crews and mobile assets. The product's integrated environment allows enterprises to monitor the location and status of mobile resources, optimally match field crews to tasks and receive alerts to status changes.

"Real-time mobile resource management is no longer the exclusive domain of large emergency services organizations," said Lee Finniear, director of IntelliWhere. "IntelliWhere TrackForce makes the technology accessible and affordable, while offering sophisticated spatial functionality that builds on Intergraph's well-established expertise in this area."

IntelliWhere TrackForce provides tools to streamline processes and adapt the scheduling of mobile resources in real time to better manage unplanned conditions. For example, an agency could use IntelliWhere TrackForce to monitor critical cargo such as hazardous material. If the escort vehicle is not within the set proximity of the freight truck or if either vehicle stops for long periods, supervisors are alerted. By monitoring real-time weather and traffic patterns, vehicles will be re-routed if actual conditions warrant changes to the assigned route. New tasks to collect and deliver additional cargo can be assigned to vehicles in transit, based on the truck's proximity, type and capacity.

In the enterprise market, IntelliWhere TrackForce is suitable for industries such as government, utilities, transportation and defense. With its flexible architecture, IntelliWhere TrackForce can also be used in a service provider environment, where the provider offers a tracking service that is paid for by subscription. This arrangement reduces the need for up-front technology investment for small- to medium-sized companies. To meet the needs of this market, IntelliWhere TrackForce provides the scalability to service many separate organizations in a single implementation, with strong security measures that protect each customer's information.

Key features of IntelliWhere TrackForce include:

  • Real-time map displays - A clear and sophisticated map display in a user-friendly Web interface allows supervisors to view the location of mobile units, along with attributes such as speed and job status.
  • Optimal job allocation with automatic candidate selection - When an urgent job arises, the most appropriate candidates are selected automatically, reducing time in determining which field crews are nearest, available and equipped for the job.
  • Sophisticated spatial alerts - Based on Intergraph's proven GeoMedia technology, an Advanced Spatial Alert Processor (ASAP) allows an enterprise to define its own rules that will trigger visual or audio alerts for vehicle operators. Examples include routing-based alerts when a vehicle moves off a designated route or into a restricted zone, and telemetry-based alerts triggered when the goods door of a freight vehicle is opened other than at a designated stopping point.
  • Open and flexible technology - IntelliWhere TrackForce is built on open standards to provide flexibility to integrate with existing infrastructures, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. The system is highly scalable for tracking several thousand objects, and supports industry-standard positioning technologies and wireless networks.
  • Resource management - Administrative tools aid the classification and management of mobile resources. For instance, an operator might want to view only tanker vehicles and receive alerts if any vehicles in this class enter a central business district.

IntelliWhere's enterprise MRM solution can be extended further to manage the flow of corporate data to and from the mobile workforce. Using other IntelliWhere products, enterprises can automatically provide mobile workers with relevant information from the geographic information system (GIS) and asset management system for use and update on hand-held devices.