EMERGEandApplanix are selling a new digital remote sensing system. TheEMERGE Digital Sensor System is a medium format (4092 x 4079) sensor with a choice of 35, 45 and 80 mm lenses to cover a wide range of project requirements. Shutter speed options range from 1/125 @ 1/4000 of a second and will be capable of collecting ground sample distances ranging from 0.15 meter to 2 meters. The sensor is fully integrated with Applanix’s POS AV aided inertial Position and Orientation System, with the POS AV IMU mounted in the sensor body. One internal pressurized 80 GB disk for high altitude collections and one external removable disk provide data storage for imagery and navigation data. (EMERGE, Andover, Mass.) and (Applanix, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada)