New product developed in exclusivity for Microsoft MapPoint 2002 in co-operation with Navigation Technologies.

Magellan Ingenierie announces TourSolver, a product developed in exclusivity for Microsoft MapPoint 2002 in co-operation with Navigation Technologies.

This solution offers to companies the possibility to optimize their multi-vehicle rounds/tours and see immediately the savings they would realize in terms of time, distance and, most of all, cost. TourSolver makes expenditure forecasts more reliable and plays a major role in the better follow-up and quality control of the service.

Optimized multi-vehicles rounds
By using Microsoft MapPoint 2002 and TourSolver, companies optimize their multi-vehicle rounds (product pick-up or distribution, commercial tour planning, express delivery…) while managing the usual constraints (vehicles load capacity, customers availability time windows, visits duration, social constraints, etc.). Such solution enables companies to visualize :

  • the workload of the vehicles,
  • the scheduling of the customers,
  • the optimal routes, the details of the time spent in delivery.

In addition to transport and distribution, many businesses can as of now benefit from the functionalities of this solution : sales forces to prepare and evaluate their prospection budgets, services and maintenance units to minimize costs and inform their customers on the visits time windows, etc.

As a matter of fact, TourSolver is adapted to any type of business : with the help of a simple wizard, users can easily configure the optimization parameters according to the reality of their company.

An important costs reduction
On the basis of specific indicators, TourSolver helps companies to have a clear view on :

  • the savings in time, distance and cost,
  • optimal resources for the planning of deliveries, pick-ups or commercial visits,
  • the necessary cost and total duration of a campaign, the launch of a new service, or of a sub-contracted service.

Thanks to all the information made available, companies are able to rationalize the management of the rounds by a better work-balance or by limiting the number of vehicles for a given round. A solution which fits within the information system of the company
From the customers addresses within the information system of the company (eg. Excel, text or data base file), users can place and visualize their customers on the map thanks to the geocoding function of Microsoft MapPoint.

The planning of the rounds and the roadbook of each vehicle can be exported to Excel or Word and be handed out to the drivers. The same applies to the cost and distance information.