Data collection system with capacity for centimeter-level data collection.

Leica Geosystems’ GIS & Mapping Division is set to release the GS50+ data collection system in May 2002. The GS50+ contains all of the outstanding data collection capabilities of Leica Geosystems’GS50, as well as a dual frequency engine essential for producing quick, accurate centimeter-level results.

All existing GS50 users will have the ability to upgrade to the GS50+. As no other company in the industry offers upgrades to its customers’ GIS data collection hardware, Leica Geosystems’ upgrade method is unique. In addition, existing accessories do not need to be changed.

The GS50+ stores ESRI Shapefiles in its GIS DataPRO post-processing software. The Shapefiles can automatically be transferred to any software capable of reading Shapefiles, such as ERDAS IMAGINE, Leica Geosystems’ geographic imaging software to visualize, manipulate, analyze, measure and integrate geographic imagery into 2D and 3D environments.

With its 24-channel dual frequency receiver, the GS50+ makes centimeter data collection as easy as sub-meter data collection. The GS50+ features an unparalleled combination of RTK range, fast initialization time, tracking stability and solution reliability in real time. For maximum user convenience, the user has the option of carrying the system in a backpack, setting it up on the pole provided, or using a combination of both.

In addition to its new features, the GS50+ also offers all functionalities available on the GS50 data collection system, including MaxTrak, Leica Geosystems’ reliable and precise tracking technology that ensures continuous tracking, even through dense foliage, and ClearTrak, the most accurate coding in the industry for performing multipath mitigation and carrier phase smoothing. The GS50+ features full expandability, offering scalable architecture in which users can switch from GIS functionality to survey functionality or add GIS capabilities to an existing survey receiver. Other GS50/GS50+ features include real-time accuracy monitor, graphical navigation display, area/perimeter calculation, and one-step transformation and coordinate geometry that allows users to conform to any coordinate system in the field and on-the-fly.

Leica Geosystems’ data collection systems product line also includes the GS50, GS5 and GS5+ data receivers and the GIS DataPRO post-processing software.

Leica Geosystems offers the most flexible solution for transferring data. Data radios are the traditional way of transmitting data, and are supported by the GS50+, which also enables users to transmit data via digital modems or cell phones. By simply plugging a modem into the product box, users can control it from their handheld terminal.