Sanborn will provide color orthophotos for Calaveras County, Calif. as foundation for a GIS.

Eric DesRoche, senior vice president of Sanborn, a GIS and photogrammetry industry leader, announced today that the company was chosen by Calaveras County, California, to provide color orthophotos for the county.

Under terms of the agreement, Sanborn will provide 2-foot color orthophotos for a 1,034 square mile area in Calaveras County, which is located approximately 150 miles east of San Francisco in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Aerial photography will begin next week, with more scheduled for June. Sanborn expects to finish the work in October of this year.

The county, which currently does not have a geographic information system in place, will use these orthophotos as the foundation for a GIS. The county does have planimentric maps, which it will overlay on the orthophotos. The resulting information will then be used for land assessment, needs development, etc.