Differential GPS service is now operational.

C & C Technologies Inc. of Lafayette, Louisiana, announced that their new C-Nav Differential GPS service is operational. C-Nav is a new concept in GPS positioning, where the accuracy at the mobile location is no longer a function of the distance from the reference station(s).

This application is a product of 10 years of research and development. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has conducted the majority of this research in their pursuit to provide centimeter accuracy in space. This technology is now being used to provide sub-meter positioning around the world.

C-Nav uses a global network of reference sites strategically located around the world to simultaneously track and monitor the entire GPS constellation. Two independent and redundant, Network Processing Hubs (NPH) are utilized to receive raw, dual frequency GPS, code and phase GPS observable data from the reference sites to calculate orbit and clock corrections for each satellite in the GPS constellation. These corrections are packaged and up-linked to the INMARSAT communication satellites for global broadcast to all C-Nav users in real-time.

The C-Nav GPS receiver applies the received orbit and clock corrections plus the internally computed, dual frequency, refraction corrected pseudoranges to compute a 3D surface position.