All you ever wanted to know about total stations on the market right now.

As noted in Part 1 of the improved POB2002 Total Station Survey (February 2002), we have asimplified the survey to provide specifications of the six most popular series of total stations each manufacturer offers. An important part of the changes this year is that each column need not represent a single model. Thus, a single column may represent three or four distinct models, and if other variations such as motor drives are offered as options, even more! Our notes section (on page 36) is where you'll find other salient information not easily conveyed in the tables about product lines. Pricing can be obtained from the respective manufacturers by calling the numbers listed in the phone block. Total station advanced technology information that each manufacturer offers can be explained in the February 2002 issue, where you'll also find their website addresses. We hope you will find this new arrangement easier and mroe beneficial for your research and purchasing needs. To see the results of the survey click on the link below:
2002 Total Station Survey