The new lasers are ideal for leveling jobs at civil engineering and construction sites as well as interior works.

Sokkia introduced LP31A and LP30A Leveling Lasers. The LP30A and LP31A are ideal for leveling jobs at general civil engineering and construction sites as well as interior works.

The LP30A offers a range up to 600m (2,000 ft) in diameter, with an accuracy of 7 arc seconds (1 mm/30 m), the highest in its class. The LP31A matches the LP30A for feature, differing only in the horizontal accuracy and detectable range. The LP31A's range is up to 240m (800 feet) in diameter and has a horizontal accuracy of 10 arc seconds (1.5mm/30m).

Both the LP30A and the LP31A employ Sokkia's acclaimed precision pendulum compensator to ensure horizontal accuracy. This compensator is activated by gravity and is unaffected by temperature variations. Both models are also highly water-resistant and protected from splash water from any direction in compliance with IPX4 (IEC60529). Furthermore, the reinforced glass housing fully encloses the rotor and protects it from water and dust.

The extended operating duration of the LP30A and LP31A is 90 hours with four D (R20)alkaline batteries and 40 hours with Ni-Cd rechargeable battery BDC39A.

The LP30A/31A's reference beam can be simultaneously picked up by one or more detectors, increasing the flexibility of operation on large projects. The same detector LR100 as for the former models LP30 and LP31 can be used. The LR100 has displays on both faces and provides two sensitivity settings: +/-0.8mm and +/-2.5mm, and +/-2.5mm and +/-4.3mm. It is highly water-resistant complying with IPX7.