GlobeXplorer LLC, the leader in the distribution of online aerial and satellite imagery, today announced an agreement with ESRI to provide its Citipix aerial imagery archive as an ArcWeb Service. This annual subscription service will provide access to over 300 terabytes of six-inch (0.1 meter) resolution, full-color Citipix aerial imagery for the United States.

Because of their new alliance with ESRI, the leading developer of geographic information (GIS) software, GlobeXplorer has made it simpler than ever before for GIS professionals to gain access to seamless, high-quality earth imagery instantly projected into any major map coordinate system.

GlobeXplorer’s Citipix ‘Digital Ortho’ web service is unprecedented in quality and size. With over 300 terabytes online, Citipix is the largest high-resolution aerial imagery dataset available online. Captured at six-inch resolution and in 24-bit color, Citipix is precision geo-referenced and ortho-rectified. It covers over 7000 cities and towns in over 73 metropolitan areas in the United States, with a total area of over 90,000 square miles.

“We are happy to have GlobeXplorer as a partner in providing our users the best and most reliable online service possible,” said Mike Tait, Director of Internet Services for ESRI. “The Citipix imagery library is an important addition to our selection of ArcWeb Services.”

“Because of its high resolution, Citipix is a perfect backdrop for feature updating, site analysis, public safety preparedness, real estate, and land planning applications,” said Rob Shanks, President of GlobeXplorer. “Its precision makes it an excellent base layer for any metropolitan area GIS mapping application.”

Once users purchase the Citipix ArcWeb Service through ESRI’s online commerce system, it is simply added as a layer in their ArcGIS or ArcExplorer software. Subscribers receive free content updates during the license term. GlobeXplorer also offers USGS DOQ one-meter imagery of the continental United States as an additional ArcWeb Service. Planned for the future is a range of other earth imagery web services powered by GlobeXplorer’s robust server technology, from leading imagery suppliers such as AirPhotoUSA, Digital Globe, EarthSAT, and i-cubed. GlobeXplorer’s ArcWeb Services for ArcGIS will be made available at ESRI’s ArcWeb Services page and at the Geography Network site.