A.R.E. Inc. released the K-Series fiberglass cap

A.R.E. Inc.released the K-Series fiberglass cap, featuring a high roof that rises 28.5" to 31" beyond the base rail and extends virtually to the front of the cab—instantly outfitting your pickup with up to 1,800 additional cubic inches of dry storage space. For improved visibility, tall double bay and side sliding windows are built into each side of the cap. The rear door features 39" to 45" of minimum clearance. On top of the standard features, A.R.E. offers optional skylight windows to lend the K-Series cap a more classic look. Owners also can choose to have side access doors installed for improved cargo accessibility. Additional appearance and utility options include sliding front and side windows, Nomadic roof rack, interior light, fabric headliner, clothes rod, sport wing, brake light and picture front window. (A.R.E., Massillon, Ohio)