Members will bid on eight commissions at Istanbul Congress.

The Members of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) have overwhelmingly approved new Terms of Reference and the addition of an eighth Technical Commission. The fields of photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information science now each have two Commissions, one for research and one for applications, complemented by two overarching Commissions. The scientific and technologic (S&T) activity within each Commission has been redefined. The newly-approved ISPRS Commissions are the following:
  • Commission I: Image Data Acquisition - Sensors and Platforms
  • Commission II: Theory and Concepts of Spatio-temporal Data Handling and Information
  • Commission III: Photogrammetric Computer Vision and Image Analysis
  • Commission IV: Geodatabases and Digital Mapping
  • Commission V: Close-Range Sensing - Analysis and Applications
  • Commission VI: Education and Outreach
  • Commission VII: Thematic Processing, Modelling and Analyses of Remotely Sensed Data
  • Commission VIII: Remote Sensing Applications and Policies

Professor John Trinder, President of ISPRS, said "These changes are a result of extensive discussions with individuals at the ISPRS Symposia in 2002 and responses from the International Science Advisory Committee and ISPRS Members. We expect these new terms of reference to strengthen ISPRS by focusing on the photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information sciences in separate Commissions. We look forward to the growth of ISPRS scientific and technologic activities within this structure."

Each Commission is entrusted to an Ordinary Member organization for the four-year term between Congresses. At the XXth Congress in Istanbul, Turkey, 12-23 July 2004, Member organisations will make proposals before the 103-nation General Assembly and compete to take responsibility for the S&T activities of Commissions. The General Assembly will elect eight countries or regions to manage Commissions and a ninth to convene the XXIst Congress in 2008. The new Terms of Reference of each Commission are posted on the ISPRS web site at For more information about the XXth ISPRS Congress, visit the Congress website at

Source: ISPRS, Dec. 2, 2003