Anyone who's ever used a tape measure knows the frustration of having the blade spring back into the case before a length is properly measured.

To combat this problem, IDEAL introduces the innovative AUTO-LOCK, a 25-foot tape measure that automatically locks its blade into place when it's pulled out, a solution that eliminates annoying snap-backs or the need to manually lock the blade with a pushbutton mechanism. Once finished, the user simply pushes the retrieval button to safely return the blade.

The exclusive AUTO-LOCK system saves time and aggravation, while making every measuring task a simple, one-person job. It is a must-have for anyone who routinely measures, from professional contractors and weekend do-it-yourselfers to interior designers and real estate agents.

"The AUTO-LOCK measuring tape is another example of how IDEAL is bringing common sense to hand tools," said Bruce Hartranft, Business Unit Manager at IDEAL. "By applying advanced ergonomics along with addressing key end-user concerns, IDEAL is re-inventing many traditional hand tool designs, from the new AUTO-LOCK to our Super Kinetic™ Wire Stripper. Smart people make smart tools."

One look at the AUTO-LOCK shows its uniqueness. Its high-visibility yellow casing is safeguarded from damaging knocks and falls by a thick, non-slip rubber boot that grips securely and comfortably. The boot also acts as a shock absorber for the blade tip when it is retrieved, prolonging its useful service life. The one-inch wide blade has bold black numbers for easy reading.