Imagenation brings full client, universal viewing and markup to Hummingbird users.

Spicer Corporation, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, the leading developer of universal viewing and markup solutions for ECM, PLM and reprographics applications, announced that Spicer Imagenation is available as an integrated component of Hummingbird DM, the advanced document and content management technology of Hummingbird Enterprise.

Imagenation-Spicer's full-client, universal viewing and markup tool-enables Hummingbird users to seamlessly access and review over 200 electronic file formats such as 2D/3D CAD, vector, raster and office formats, including MS Word, Excel and Adobe PDF. Spicer's native support for virtually any CAD document such as AutoCAD and MicroStation is a key requirement for many Hummingbird customers in manufacturing, utilities and government environments.

Hummingbird solution providers can leverage Spicer's baseline integration for Hummingbird DM to accelerate their time to market and customization efforts. Spicer's integration provides out-of-the-box support for key functionality that includes externally referenced files (X-refs), file linking, markup and reference file check in, version control, and advanced printing capabilities such as stamps, banners, tiling, scaling, orientation and print as displayed.

This latest integration expands on Spicer's product offering for Hummingbird DM and gives partners and customers two fully integrated Spicer technology options for universal viewing and markup within Hummingbird DM-Imagenation robust, full client capabilities, and Image aX ActiveX controls for the Web or corporate network.

Source: Spicer Corp., Dec. 1, 2003