IDEAL Industries Inc., a leading provider of hand tool solutions based in Sycamore, Ill., introduced its new Twist-a-Nut, a 7-in-1 screwdriver/nutdriver that professional contractors can rely on for maximum versatility and performance.

Not only does this timesaving tool contain the most popular screwdriver bits used by professionals, it features a universal connector wrench formed into the bottom of the handle that accepts twist-on connectors from every major manufacturer, including IDEAL Twister, B-Cap, Wire-Nut and Wing-Nut connectors.

In addition, the Twist-a-Nut offers the flexibility of being compatible with the new IDEAL Conduit Deburring Tool and the company's new 6-in-1 Tap Tool, both of which fit into the Twist-a-Nut's handle.

In all, the Twist-a-Nut offers a 3/16 inch and 1/4 inch slotted head, a #1 and #2 Phillips head, a 1/4 inch and 5/16 inch nutdriver, and the patented connector wrench.

The Twist-a-Nut is IDEAL¹s first screwdriver to feature a two-part dual-durometer grip. Soft, black Santoprene is overmolded on the outer surface of the Twist-a-Nut grip for greater comfort and improved torque, while a harder, high-visibility yellow Santoprene is used for the ends and inner surface to assure toughness. Santoprene is resistant to water, perspiration, oil and chemicals, maximizing tool service life.

Sold separately, the new IDEAL deburring tool effectively deburs the inside and outside edges of 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch and 1-inch electrical conduit, plus has a hooded screwdriver blade that prevents the tip from slipping off EMT fitting screws. The deburring tool fits into the Twist-a-Nut's handle. It can also be used in a drill or cordless screwdriver.

Also sold separately is the new IDEAL 6-in-1 Tap Tool, perfect for creating new threads or re-forming damaged ones. The tool includes two high carbon taps with three clearly marked thread sizes on each. Both the Conduit Deburring Tool and the 6-in-1 Tap Tool are sold with and without the Twist-a-Nut handle.

Source: IDEAL, Dec. 9, 2003