Robust Far East text and markup support among many enhancements to ViewCafe powerful universal viewing capabilities.

Spicer Corporation, a leading developer of Java-2 powered universal viewing and markup software, announced the release of ViewCaf?.1, featuring significant enhancements to Far East font display and markup features.

New features in ViewCaf?.1 include:

  • Far East Font and Markup Support - Enhanced Far East font support provides precise font resolution in documents. Markups such as text, annotations, and hotlinks can be added in Far East fonts. File names can also contain Far East characters.
  • Advanced Layer Window - The Layers window now displays the entire document structure rather than just the CAD layers. All layers (base layers, legacy markups and CAD layers) can now be revealed or hidden.
  • Flashing Highlight - Text search results can be set to flash on found strings.
  • Symbol Enhancements - ViewCaf?ymbols can now contain integrator-defined, server-controlled dynamic text such as user name or date. The integrator can place any string into the text markup.
  • File Format Support - ViewCaf?dds enhancements to HPGL/2 and office documents such as PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Server-side Thumbnail Caching - Thumbnails are now stored on the server to improve subsequent display times.
  • Status Message in Applet - Status bar messages, which previously appeared as part of the browser window, now appear inside the ViewCaf?pplet or application providing the user with a convenient and more prominent method for receiving status updates.

ViewCaf? universal document viewing and markup capabilities can significantly streamline an organization's business processes, resulting in faster and more effective product design, more efficient supply chain procurement, reduced document management costs, and accelerated manufacturing.

ViewCaf?s interoperable with other Spicer Enterprise Viewing Solutions, and can display markups created in Spicer Imagenation and Image aoX. This interoperability gives IS managers the flexibility to deploy a combination of Spicer viewing products that best meets the specific needs of each user while carefully considering such critical issues as functionality, budgets, and security.