Trimble Introduced the 5600 DR Standard Total Station

Trimbleintroduced the 5600 DR Standard Total Stationand the5600 DR300+ Total Station, two new EDM options within the Trimble 5600 Total Station Series. DR Standard and DR300+ eliminate the need for a glass prism ‘co-operative’ target and rod person at the measurement point, DR (Direct Reflex) technology allows distances to be taken directly off the measurement surface. Based on the Phase Shift method and utilizing an eye-safe visible coaxial red laser and narrow measurement beam, the DR Standard is designed to measure extremely accurate short-range distances to cooperative and non-cooperative targets. The DR Standard measurement accuracy is ± 2 mm + 2 ppm in prism mode and ± 3 mm + 2 ppm in DR mode. Based on patented Pulsed Laser Time-of Flight methods, the DR300+ EDM can measure distances of more than 600 m to white surfaces; gray surfaces of only 18 percent reflectivity can be measured from up to 300 m away. (Trimble, Sunnyvale, Calif.)