Field maintenance workers to use PDA software from Intergraph's IntelliWhere division to streamline data capture workflows.

Linz AG, a regional utility company located in Upper Austria, has chosen to streamline its field data capture workflows with IntelliWhere, OnDemand, mapping software for personal digital assistants (PDAs). Using the software from IntelliWhere, a division of Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions, utility workers from Linz AG can view mapping and asset data in the field, and complete maintenance reports on water hydrants and control units for gas pipes. With the help of Gisquadrat AG, a Team GeoMedia Registered Solutions Provider, the application has been easily customized to fit Linz AG's workflows exactly.

Providing gas, electricity, water, and wastewater services to the 450,000 residents of the municipality of Linz and surrounding areas, Linz AG wanted a cost-efficient solution to improve maintenance workflows in the field. Manfred Kurzwernhart, head of geoinformatics from Linz AG, explains the benefits of equipping the company's mobile workforce with IntelliWhere OnDemand. "It is very productive and of great benefit to achieve quick and thorough accessing of geographic information system (GIS) data in the field," he said. "Working in offline mode, mobile workers can find the appropriate area of the data for a particular address, out of about 22,000 addresses in Linz, in less than a second. This performance is amazing considering the large amount of corporate data stored locally on the PDA at this time - attribute data of about 1,500 kilometers of water, gas, and wastewater pipes along with topographical data, such as streets and house numbers."

One of the main reasons Linz AG selected IntelliWhere OnDemand was the product's open technology for supporting multiple data formats. Fully integrated with Linz corporate data environments maintained by Intergraph's FRAMME and GeoMedia, IntelliWhere OnDemand gives field crews access to graphical and non-graphical data from different sources in their native format in a matter of seconds.

Linz AG also was impressed with IntelliWhere OnDemand's easy-to-use interface, allowing them to deploy the product to their employees with no additional training. IntelliWhere OnDemand delivers intuitive pen-based navigation functions such as zooming in and out and panning, with a single stylus stroke. Also, with a few simple clicks, the worker can run basic searches and queries, bring up details of an asset, and capture and redline data for uploading into the corporate database.

Geospatial infrastructure management solutions for distributing enterprise data IntelliWhere OnDemand brings the advantages of enterprise-wide data sharing offered in Intergraph's geospatial infrastructure management solutions to the mobile workforce, enabling the rapid deployment of corporate spatial intelligence in the field. Empowering field personnel with PDA geospatial technology can improve an organization's responsiveness to customer demands, equip field crews to implement more intuitive solutions, and streamline data capture from the field - factors that can improve an organization's service while controlling cost.